Thursday, December 7, 2023

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SmackDown!: War of Two Worlds

A day late, but whatever. This week on SmackDown! we were treated to a rare sight on WWE television – two Divas matches. While neither were the equivalent of culinary delights, they were pretty good given who was involved! First up was the All-American Diva, Michelle McCool who has been on quite a roll in WWEverse over the past six months as she faced off against Layla.

Given the experience levels of these two Divas, this match was slightly sloppy but still very good. It was interesting to see Michelle work and guide her opponent rather than being the one guided. With two quasi-experienced Divas in the ring, this was a lot better than I expected wrestling wise. However, this match was pretty boring, I remember these two hooking up a few months back and that was a fun match. These two Divas are easily the best products of the Diva Search to date, with no Victoria or Natalya in action this week – there wasn’t that strong competetive edge to this match or the later match, but was a passable 4 minutes.

SmackDown!’s second Diva match was a match no one was really checkin’ for, I certainly wasn’t. Cherry took on Maryse, who after two years I believe made her in-ring debut *gasp* Anyway, yeah I wasn’t really looking to see this match because neither Diva involved appeals to me. Again, given the Divas involved this match could have been a lot worse. Looking at this match, I’m kind of in two minds about Cherry as she’s not a conventional Diva: On one hand, she doesn’t look like a Diva, she’s not very attractive so why is she under contract? On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing that she’s different? I’m flummoxed that WWE has an unattractive girl on the Divas roster but at the same time, it’s weirdly appealing. The theme of the night seemed to be “Okay wrestling matches, but boring.”

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