Thursday, November 30, 2023

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“Soon To Be Bald” Knockout?

Soon To Be Bald Knockout?

For those of you that are suscribed to Total Nonstop Action’s text messaging service, you might have already heard that a certain TNA Knockout will have her head shaved bald by the end of TNA’s Pay-Per-View, Sacrifice. The Knockouts participating in this hair-threatening match include Gail Kim, ODB, Traci Brooks, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Jacqueline, Christy Hemme, Roxxi Laveaux, Rhaka Khan, and Salinas. Pretty much the whole female roster, without the likes of Raisha Saeed and Payton Banks.

Personally, this match-type takes me back all the way to 2004, when Molly Holly had her head shaved by Victoria at Wrestlemania XX. Is it ironic that another storyline from the WWE Creative Writing team is being redone by TNA? To be honest – not really. But hey, it’s ratings. Everyone likes a bald chick, right?

The stipulation is pretty much a number one contender’s match. The winning Knockout will indeed face Awesome Kong some point in the future for the TNA Knockout Championship, and the runner-up gets her head shaved bald! I think the only Knockout that would be able to pull off a shaven head would be ODB. I mean, come on! What could ruin ODB‘s fan appreciation thus far with the TNA crowd? Absolutely nothing! And hey, she could definitely pull off a G.I Jane gimmick.. Don’t you think?

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