Thursday, November 30, 2023

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#SpeakingOut against sexual abuse within the industry

There is an industry-changing movement taking place. #SpeakingOut has been trending on Twitter for at least the past 24 hours or more. It has given many wrestlers the opportunity and solidarity to speak up against and expose the horrific and all too common abuse within the wrestling industry. The abuse that is all too familiar in society.

Many wrestlers, both male and female, have come forward in support and to share their own awful experiences about the mental, physical, and sexual abuse they have had to endure throughout their wrestling careers.

On Wednesday a former partner of David Starr bravely stepped forward to expose the sexual, physical and emotional abuse she and others have suffered at the hands of Starr. Since then many British wrestling promotions have severed ties with him.

Following the accusations against Starr many other wrestlers have come forward to reveal their own harrowing tales of abuse.

OTT Wrestling has also stripped Starr as champion and they released this statment:

Millie McKenzie shared her story about her secret relationship with NXT UK’s Travis Banks among other British Wrestling companies and promoters.

Accusations against El Ligero were made public when Natalie Sykes shared her story of his troubling and inappropriate behaviour.

Former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin has been accused of mental and physical abuse by Hannah Francesca. She posted some unsettling pictures of bruises to her body, she has since set her account to private.

WWE have released a statement regarding the matter, stating

“We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter.” – it has been said that there was to be a meeting with the NXT UK talent to investigate.

Sierra Loxton, who had to retire recently due to a back injury, has been at the epicenter of the movement and a shining beacon for those struggling with speaking out.

This list keeps growing by and up to a few hours ago, Alexxis Falcon stated there are at least 70 names that have been compiled.

Debby Keitel, Vicky Haskins, Mariah May, Lucy Sky, Ariela Nyx, Lizzie Evo plus many more have all stepped up and spoke up about the awful experiences they have had to endure.

Former Shine NOVA Champion Candy Cartwright bravely came forward with a candid account of an encounter with WWE SuperStar Matt Riddle.

Shazza McKenzie has spoken very openly on her Twitter over the past 24 hours about her experience and support of those coming out.

Many wrestlers have expressed their support for those speaking out to change the business for the better.

WWE SuperStar Big E, pledged his support by using his platform with a tweet that shares the sentiments of many within the industry and supporters of it.

NXT and British wrestling legend, Pete Dunne took a firm stance against the abusers in question.

The sheer fear many have coming forward makes it that much harder to share their stories. Several women have posted on Twitter that they are unable to tell their own moments just yet which just shows how often the abuse happens and is kept behind closed doors. It should always be up to the victim to share when they are ready.

Hopefully, at the very least, this will bring about change within the industry, and people can feel safe and supported throughout their wrestling careers.

All at Diva Dirt are shocked and appalled by these accounts and would like to commend everyone who has spoken out. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and we firmly stand with the victims.

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