Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Stand Aside, Angelina – Maryse Has Her Claws Out

With all the “Batman 3” Catwoman rumors running rampant, it almost seems appropriate for Maryse channel the feisty feline in her new photoshoot, “Bad in Black”. The black leather, slick hair, and black boots? Come on – it’s unmistakable! Though, I don’t know if she matches up to the likes of Angelina Jolie or Rachel Weisz (or even Halle Berry, but let’s not talk about that) – it’s not her best photoshoot. The thing I’ve always loved about Maryse was that she never seemed to try too hard, but she’s doing just that here. It’s not like she’s brandishing a whip or anything, but you can’t get much more over-the-top sexy than head-to-toe leather. She could wear it whilst going toe to toe with Batman, maybe, but here it just doesn’t fly. But hey, with the rumor mill at full speed for a movie that doesn’t even have a script started, maybe it wouldn’t be that much more ridiculous to entertain the thought of a French Catwoman. Meow or nay?

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