Friday, December 8, 2023

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Stardom & Pro-Wrestling: EVE regular Kris Wolf retires

Today is a sad day in the sport of professional wrestling as indie favorite Kris Wolf has just announced her plans to retire.

In her latest YouTube livestream, Wolf reveals that her next wrestling tour is going to be her last one. Wolf mentions that she’s currently dealing with some serious “symptoms” regarding her “concussion stuff.” Among such symptoms include blackouts, memory issues and poor eye sight.

“I think now would be a good time to peace out before I completely lose my mind,” Wolf somberly quips.

The Chicago native first made her in-ring debut in 2014. Originally, after moving out of her mother’s New Jersey house at the age of 18, she settled on being a freelance photographer in San Francisco, California. In the wake of breaking off an engagement to her long term partner, she moved to Japan on a whim to clear her head.

Suddenly and unexpectedly she fell in love with the country enough that she wanted to stay there permanently. For six years, she did just that. For a year and a half, Wolf served as a teacher until someone suggested that she check out Stardom on YouTube. Wolf became so enamored into the sport and the promotion that she started looking into how to become a pro wrestler immediately.

Since then, Wolf has wrestled for several different promotions, including Ring of Honor, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, AWSand even Stardom. In Stardom, Wolf is most memorable for being a former High Speed Champion and founding member of Oedo Tai.

As much as we’re all bummed to see Wolf walk away from a sport that she always clearly held an intense passion for, it’s the best thing she could’ve done in light of her condition. Concussions are nothing to take lightly and it was smart on her part to decide to get out of the ring now before her condition worsens.

It’s a sad situation, but we’re grateful for everything that Kris Wolf has given us in the middle of that ring. Meanwhile, as she expressed in her YouTube video, she’s grateful just to have the opportunity to wrestle to begin with and she’s happy she’s been afforded such a devoted fan following.

“I’m just really thankful that I got to do this … and I just wanna say thank you [fans] ’cause you’ve made this adventure so rad.”

Kris Wolf
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Stay tuned with Diva Dirt for updates on news regarding Kris Wolf’s final tour dates.

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