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Stephanie McMahon rules out Evolution 2 for the rest of the year

This should come as no surprise that a second annual Evolution isn’t in the cards for 2019. Triple H has said as recently as just a few weeks ago that Evolution 2 is still “on the table.” He stated that the reason for it not occurring at the end of October as it did last year was due to the number of changes the company has witnessed this year. So although it is still “on the table” he did not give any further expectation on when it will occur.

Stephanie McMahon followed up with her husband’s words on this matter by saying that it won’t happen this year. McMahon spoke with Bleacher Report and stated that a second Evolution was considered for this year but hasn’t panned out. She said that the focus of having a women’s match at Crown Jewel was a priority.

“We did consider it. A lot of our focus has been on having this particular match as a part of this PPV in Saudi Arabia. More to come on Evolution but it’s most likely not going to happen in 2019,” says McMahon.

As part of the breaking news this morning, WWE has announced that we will, in fact, get the first-ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia in Crown Jewel at tomorrow’s event. It will be Lacey Evans vs. Natalya.

McMahon further comments on the choice of having these two women as the ones to make history. Please keep in mind that at the last Saudi event Alexa Bliss and Natalya were present but were not allowed to participate in the event at the last moment by their government. They did visit a local children’s hospital during their visit.

“Natalya is somewhat of a legend in the women’s division. She is the veteran. She has been here for so long, been a part of so many of the changes that have happened. When you consider her legacy and family history, it’s pretty remarkable. You take Lacey Evans, who is fairly new on the scene but who has not been shy about sharing her perspective on overcoming, especially in her life and the things she’s been through.”

She continues, “She (Lacey) has a young daughter and she wants to set an example and pave the way not only for her daughter but boys and girls all around the world. That’s their personal stories. I can’t think of better representatives for WWE. You can go on their social media. They’ve made some pretty awesome statements. Lacey Evans said ‘I never thought I’d have the opportunities to do the things I’ve done with WWE. Tomorrow I get to show my little girl that hard work can bring you to history-making heights. I’m ready for this.'”

As far as the match actually taking place after much determination, she had the following to say:

“It’s been a part of our goal since day one when we first announced our deal in Saudi Arabia. It’s been a year and a half and now we finally have this opportunity, this groundbreaking opportunity, and we couldn’t be more proud.”

With the current year coming to an end it would have been grasping at straws to even see an Evolution 2 at this point. Although we aren’t getting another one in 2019 doesn’t mean another is never going to happen. The Mae Young Classic was also shunned this year after being a consistent mainstay for the past two years.

With all of this being said, 2020 needs to be a stronger year with the women at the forefront. There is not a doubt that a lot of changes and moves have been made within the company this year, however, the women being put on the back burner wasn’t the answer.

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