Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Style Showdown: A Pre-“Bash” Bash

It’s Natalya/Michelle weekend on Diva Dirt, if you haven’t noticed. And, of course, it’s that time of the week where we shed some light on the styles of our women of wrestling with a Style Showdown. Last time on the Showdown, we had the “Beautiful People”Angelina Love and Velvet Sky – face off the the battle of the better style. Angelina Love dominated her partner, coming away with 152 votes while Velvet Sky floundered with 39.

This week, with the aformentioned weekend theme we’ve got going on, we’re pitting these two Great American Bash opponents against each other. This could be considered Round Two, as they have faced off in the Style Showdown before, with Natalya narrowly beating Michelle, garnering 62 votes to Michelle’s 55. Who do you think has the better style this time around? Is it Michelle with her bold blue tights or Natalya with her dazzling gray frock? Check out the full photoshoots below:

Natalya (“Gray Goddess”):

Michelle (“Stairway to Heaven”):


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