Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Style Showdown: On the Mend

Welcome to Style Showdown, a feature to cure weekends of slow news! In Style Showdown, we take two Diva rivals from the past or present and put them in a battle of a different kind – in a battle of “Who looks better!”

Previously on Style Showdown: SmackDown Divas Eve and Maryse got “dressed up” in a battle of the lesser-known Friday night gals. Maryse easily came out on top with 121 votes, while Eve only drew 59 votes.

This week, we’ve got two Divas that are currently on the DL (Disabled List, for you non-sports fans out there). In one corner, we have Candice Michelle, prepping for a return after re-injuring her clavicle. In the other corner, Melina, healing up after suffering a heel injury. With both of these girls itching to get back into the ring, you know their competitive streak is at an all-time high. So, who would win this battle? Candice, dressed in bright purple and blue, or Melina, lounging in more subdued hues? Check out the full photoshoots below and make your decision!

Candice (“Up Close”)

Melina (“Morning Flower”)


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