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Su Yung wins the Knockouts Title

Tonight (May 31st) on Impact Wrestling’s Under Pressure, Su Yung captured the Knockouts Championship for the first time in her career.

After coming up short in a previous Knockouts title match a month ago at Redemption, Yung managed to dethrone Allie in a Last Rites (Casket) match.

Allie, draped in “Demon Assassin” attire in homage to the fallen Rosemary, started the match with a fearless attitude, dropping forearms, chops to the chest and a corner suplex on Yung.

Yung countered a Russian Leg Sweep and began to wear Allie down through various chokes, grounded innovative submissions and a body scissors. Just as Allie is placed on the casket, she gets to her feet to fight off Yung from the ring apron with a big boot and follows up with an aerial clothesline off the casket!

When we return from a break, Yung takes control after dodging a missile dropkick attempt from Allie. She tries to the Champion down via running knee strike but Allie kips-up, Rosemary style. Yung takes Allie back down and introduces a steel chair to the match but Allie kicks it out of Yung’s grasp. She then retrieves the chair, tosses it to Yung for a Code Breaker off the chair.

The tides would turn when Yung used her bloody glove to choke Allie out via mandible claw – weakening the champion enough to place her in the casket and close the lid to become the new Knockouts Champion.

Are you happy to see Su Yung as Knockouts Champion?

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