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Tasha Steelz Retains in a Street Fight as Chelsea Green Turns Heel

On this week’s IMPACT!, Tasha Steelz is still the Knockouts World Champion after a brutal street fight with Mickie James in the main event.

The match starts out with James utilizing a trash can lid as she threw it at the champion who was making her entrance. As they brawl on the ramp, James hits a neck breaker to Steelz. Thanks to the no disqualification aspect of a Street Fight, The two would go on to battle with a steel chain wrapped around their necks.

Savannah Evans played a big part in helping Steelz throughout the match despite the champion who said she didn’t need the help. With a trash can over the head of the challenger, Steelz clobbers her with a baseball bat. Evans continues to make the fight a two-on-one affair with James fighting her off. James power bombed Evans onto a table without it breaking.

After planting a Mick-DT to Steelz, James goes for the pin. She was moments away from regaining the title before Evans pulls the referee out of the ring. James and Evans continue to battle as Evans chokes James with a chair, Chelsea Green comes running down to the ring.

James had told Green previously that she didn’t need her help in this Street Fight. Green with chair in hand showed that she was going to help her friend at first, however, chose to sit down on the chair and watch as she gets defeated. After Evans continues to attack James, Steelz hits a frog splash to pin James and retain her title.

After the match, despite doing what James told Green to do (not help her), James physically attacks her now-former friend. Green’s husband and Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona, blindsides James with Radio Silence. Green knocks out James with her arm cast before revealing that her wrist was never re-injured. The couple stands tall as this week’s show goes off the air.

Earlier in the show, Kaleb with a K found himself in a predicament as The Influence tries to get to the bottom of where his loyalty lies. For weeks now it has appeared that Kaleb has become quite accustomed to The IInspiration. Tenille Dashwood even questions if Kaleb meant to slide the championship belt to her or to Cassie Lee instead during the title match at Sacrifice. The belt that helped The Influence win.

By having to be on both All About Me and Locker Room Talk, Kaleb was cornered to say he is of course loyal to The Influence but this is far from over.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the Knockouts of IMPACT!

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