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Tatum Paxley Answers Jordynne Grace’s Open Challenge; “Malisha” Retains Tag Titles

Surprises were in store and titles were at stake as TNA was in Chicago, Illinois tonight for Against All Odds.

To kick off the night on Countdown to Against All Odds, the team of Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards, aptly named “Malisha,” look to defend their Knockouts World Tag Team Championships against The Hex. Allysin Kay and Marti Belle have been running amok recently on Impact, and look to finally get their hands on some Knockouts gold.

The match starts with Edwards wanting Belle to tag in, but quickly regrets that decision and swiftly tags in Slamovich. The Hex is off to a strong start with their years of chemistry and managing to isolate Slamovich from her corner.

To turn the match around, Edwards plays dirty and Slamovich follows in succession. Kay and Slamovich clash in the middle and make the hot tag out for Belle to take over. Both teams end up in the ring and begin trading moves. The Hex attempt Hex marks the spot, but Slamovich makes the save at the last second.

The Hex setup the champions on the top rope, but Edwards ends up powerbombing Kay to take her out. Slamovich then sets up an Electric Chair for Edwards to hit a Bulldog and successfully defend their titles.

Later, we see Steph De Lander arrive to Against All Odds answering the love letter that PCO had given her a few weeks ago. And her answer to a date with PCO is “Oui.”

After a tough loss at NXT Battleground, Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace looks to defend her title in an open challenge to any women in the wrestling industry to test her odds.

Her opponent…WWE NXT’s Tatum Paxley!

Before the match can even begin, George Iceman interrupts to introduce Ash By Elegance to watch this championship match as always.

The two get involved with some chain wrestling, and Grace is trying to understand the unfamiliar mind games of Paxley. Grace is having none of it, and uses her power to her advantage.

Paxley bites her way out of the Camel Clutch and rolls under the ring. She then leads Grace into a trap and uses the steel beams on the apron to take down Grace. They make it back to the ring and go back and forth, with Grace trying to counter all of Paxley’s tricks. Grace props up Paxley onto the top rope and hits a Muscle Buster in the center of the ring, but Paxley kicks out.

The two find themselves on the top rope again, and shades of Daffney, hits the Lobotomy onto the ring canvas.

Paxley attempts to tap out Grace, but Grace’s power proves to be too much for her. Grace then manages to hit the Juggernaut Driver to win the open challenge and retain her title.

Post-match, Ash sneak attacks Grace from behind with her brass knuckles but gets caught. Grace then grabs champagne from Iceman, proceeding to pour it on Ash and continue celebrating her win.

Later on in the night, we see Edwards again getting involved with the TNA World Championship match between Moose and Matt Hardy. But, her efforts are stopped by Reby Hardy. Only to be shortlived as Hardy herself gets accidentally sent through a table by her own husband.

What did you think about Against All Odds tonight? Did you expect Tatum Paxley to answer the open challenge? And with these wins where do Knockouts champions go from here? Let us know in the comments below!

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