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Tegan Nox reveals she found out about her SmackDown call up after her debut

Tegan Nox made her surprise SmackDown debut earlier this month along with Shotzi Blackheart.

The duo teamed up to take on and defeat the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Tamina and Natalya in a non-title match.

In a recent interview with Metro, the ‘Girl with the Shiniest Wizard’ disclosed the chaotic nature in which she found out about joining the blue brand.

Here’s what Nox revealed:

“We pretty much found out the day of SmackDown, after the match, that we were getting called up. We knew we were having a tag match on TV but we didn’t even think we were getting called up until after the match. John Laurinaitis was like, ‘Congratulations, welcome to SmackDown!’ Like, oh – I guess we go here now! I assumed it would be something like when we did the whole invasion angle with NXT attacking SmackDown and Raw. I just assumed it was something like that, maybe happening at SummerSlam. ‘No, you’re on SmackDown now!’ Oh, ok – thank you!”

Nox then spoke about how supportive and accepting the locker room has been since her arrival.

“Tamina’s been really really good. She’s a mother to the entire women’s locker room anyway, but she calls us babies because we’re the babies of SmackDown now.

That entire women’s locker room – including the men’s – they’re so nice and supportive. They wanna help you succeed, which I didn’t think was gonna be a situation. I thought us being the new girls, “Oh God, no one’s gonna want to wrestle us!”

Shotzi and Nox have an opportunity to win the women’s tag team titles but will have to wait while Natalya recovers from an ankle injury.

What do you make of Tegan Nox’s comments? Sound off in the comments below.

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