Monday, July 4, 2022

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Tenille Dashwood suffers recent setback

Tenille Dashwood has been extremely active on the indies since being released from WWE last year. She’s helped garner more interest into Women of Honor and boosted shows everywhere she goes.

However, she recently suffered a personal set back that has kept her off Ring of Honor’s ReUnited tour.

She shared her struggle on twitter:

She opens up about her most recent bout of psoriasis, a condition she’s had since she was a teenager.

Her most recent flare up has impacted her ability to compete. She notes that her condition has always messed with her self-confidence but she’s been able to persevere and work through it.

She also says she’s slowing herself down so she can take proper care of her body during this time and hopes that her experience will lead to others who may feel like they’re alone in their struggles.

Back in April a nagging shoulder issue kept her off the independent circuit for a little while. But since then she has wrestled for numerous promotions in the US and abroad.

Everyone here at Diva Dirt hopes Tenille gets well soon!

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