Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Tessa Blanchard to defend the IMPACT World Title in a Five-Way at Slammiversary

Heading into IMPACT this week, the company had announced that there would be an announcement in regard to the future of the IMPACT World Championship.

It has been said that Blanchard has been in Mexico with her fiance Daga and as a result, she hasn’t been able to compete or defend her title. In fact, she was not able to have her match at Rebellion in April which would have been against Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards.

IMPACT’s Co-Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore was in the ring tonight to make this announcement. After going on that Blanchard hasn’t been present for the past couple of months, he was about to make his announcement. He was interrupted by Ace Austin who won a tournament to become number one contender to Blanchard’s title.

Credit: IMPACT

Austin assumed it was going to be handed to him and Michael Elgin came out next. He stated that his name should be in contendership and wants to fight Austin for the chance. Eddie Edwards came out last and commented that in IMPACT they aren’t just handed titles.

D’Amore was finally able to make his announcement. He says that at Slammiversary that Blanchard will be there to defend her title and it will be in a Five-Way match. Austin laughed at D’Amore for not being able to count. D’Amore then told him to turn around as Trey Miguel came off the turnbuckle and attacked Austin certifying him as the fifth opponent.

Many fans thought that Blanchard was going to be stripped of the title because she hasn’t been able to defend. What are your thoughts on Blanchard still holding the title? Who do you think will be champion after Slammiversary? The event takes place on July 18.

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