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The Four Horsewomen feud heats up on social media

The feud between the Four Horsewomen of WWE and the Four Horsewomen of MMA took another turn this week. The clash has been building since Shayna Baszler taunted Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley at the inaugural Mae Young Classic. The ensuing stare down between the two stables has been a hot topic ever since.

Last year, Ronda Rousey made her professional wrestling debut, and entered high profile feuds with two Horsewomen, Charlotte and Becky. Currently, Rousey is the middle of a growing feud with Sasha Banks, leading up to their Raw Women’s Championship match at Royal Rumble next Sunday.

Sasha and Rousey got into a verbal exchange after their tag match on Monday night. Afterward, Banks threw up four fingers while walking backstage. Earlier today, she elaborated on it via Instagram, where she told Ronda: “The 4HW is about changing the perception of women’s wrestling in the WWE. That’s why I throw up the 4 fingers. You throw them up cause you’re a fan…”

The Raw Women’s Champion quickly responded on her own Instagram page, saying: “Everything you just said was about YOU and what YOU do. As an individual… you haven’t even begun to grasp what the 4 Horsewomen truly represent.” She also mocked the Four Horsewomen of WWE, insinuating they’re not even real friends like her and her “sisters in arms”

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Wrong. @sashabankswwe Everything you just said was about YOU and what YOU do. As an individual… you haven’t even begun to grasp what the 4 Horsewomen truly represent. The REAL 4 Horsewomen @qosbaszler @jessamynduke @marinashafir and myself are about camaraderie, we’re about loyalty, we’re sweat sisters bonded in blood we’ve shed together in the pursuit of a common goal. When any of us succeed, we rise together. If any of us fall, we dive to catch each other. When at our highest highs we hoist each other even higher into the air. When at our lowest lows we dust each other off and empower the sisters at our side to take another defiant step forward. You’re a bickering quarreling thrown together corporate copy of the lighting we’ve captured in a bottle. We’re real friends, we’re real sisters in arms, we’re the dose of reality to has come to dispel the fantasy that is your FAUX horsewomen. #RondaVsSasha #rawwomenschampionship #RoyalRumble #Jan27 #4horsewomenvsfauxhorsewomen

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It didn’t stop there. Baszler made a similar assertion this morning on Twitter. In the post, she jabbed, “We are an actual team,” and claimed they had the title of Horsewomen first. This time Bayley hopped in her mentions to respond. It seems like even she’s had enough of Rousey and Baszler.

All four women will compete next weekend, and it will be interesting to see if this feud spills off into their respective matches. Also, this will be the first time Ronda, Charlotte, and Becky will be in the same building since Rousey interfered in the main event at TLC. This adds more intrigue to the already unpredictable nature of the Royal Rumble match.

Check back with Diva Dirt for more news on the Four Horsewomen and Royal Rumble weekend.

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