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The Revelation That is Kristal Lashley

Five years ago, a petite, young, pretty model took part in a little competition called the Diva Search — who knew then that she’d open her mouth and turn out to be one of the best talkers we have right now? A Vickie Guerrero for TNA if you will, Kristal Lashley has been extremely impressive since she became the mouthpiece for her husband, Bobby Lashley in the company. Check out her promo from Monday’s live Impact below:

Skip to 07:40

Even though she had a brief run as a wrestler in WWE, I think she’s found her true calling in the industry. She comes across so comfortable on the microphone, has fantastic inflection and makes you really feel the words she’s saying. Given that Bobby Lashley, as great an athlete as he may be, isn’t much of a charismatic talker — what a match made in heaven!

It’s crazy to think that this girl, who was in WWE for two years and flew under the radar, had all this potential bottled up inside of her. It just makes you wonder what many of the girls in WWE are capable of that we don’t know about yet.

As Steven says, Kristal really is a bad bish!

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