Monday, July 15, 2024

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Tiffany Stratton Becomes Ms. Money (Tiffy) in the Bank

Tiffany Stratton is your new Ms. Money in the Bank as she becomes the seventh woman in history to hold the briefcase.

On Saturday, Stratton climbed to the top of the ladder and unclipped the briefcase only after thwarting Chelsea Green. Green was just mere seconds away from winning herself despite her fear of heights. However, Stratton dumped the ladder that Green was on as she came crashing down two ladders (that she helped set up) on the outside.

Green wasn’t the only woman who was mere seconds away either as all six women (including Naomi, Zoey Stark, IYO SKY, and Lyra Valkyria) were that close to winning. And a spot with Stark and SKY was arguably the spot of the night as both women came crashing down on another ladder from a sunset flip.

Stratton ran into the MITB host Trish Stratus backstage after her win. Stratus told Stratton to not get too arrogant or ahead of herself because what happens after the cash in is what really matters. Either becoming a future hall of famer or a flash in the pan.

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