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TNA Bound for Glory 2009 Predictions


It’s the biggest night on the TNA calendar! Two Knockouts matches, two sets of titles on the line. ODB defends the Knockouts Championship in a triple threat match against Awesome Kong and Tara. Meanwhile Saritaylor put up the Knockouts Tag Team Titles against The Beautiful People. Who will be victorious tonight? The Diva Dirt writers weigh in:

Erin: ODB seems to be getting the short end of the stick in this–getting left behind by Kong and getting kicked in the face by Tara. It seems like this match is more about Kong and Tara’s issues than the Knockouts Championship, so I don’t see either of them coming out with gold. I have a feeling that Tara and Kong’s problems will take their full attention, which will give ODB the opportunity to sit back and let those two beat the tar out of each other before taking advantage of either one and sneaking out a victory.

Melanie: As badly as this has been built up [I mean did we ever find out why there so much tension between these Knockouts?] I think this could be a good match. These three are the heavyweights of the Knockouts division so it makes sense for them to go at it on the biggest event of the year. That said, as everyoneelse has pointed out, this one has been all about Kong & Tara with ODB as an afterthought. I don’t know why, but because it’s the biggest show of the year, I expect to see Tara finally get her WrestleMania moment… except at TNA’s WrestleMania. I can’t explain why, but I just feel like this is all about Tara and she’ll finally get that big moment here. Then she could go off and feud with Kong for the title, perhaps.

Steven: Even though this is a triple threat match, it seems like ODB is just being tacked on to the Tara/Kong feud. That said, I see Tara coming out on top this Sunday. I think it’s safe to say that Tara’s first title reign was a sham, so this could be the time for her to have a decent run with the title and a meaningful feud with Kong.

For Tag Team Championship picks, follow the cut:


Erin: If this were a battle of choreography, it might be a battle to end all battles. But as it is, I don’t feel like Madison and Velvet are strong enough yet as a team to hold the titles. Conversely, Taylor and Sarita are fantastic as a team, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them hold the titles for a lot longer. Still, I can’t help but think Lacey might factor into a dirty TBP victory. TNA seems content to push this trio whether they’re actually a good team or not. I’m willing to bet they’ll go for “style” over substance and choose The Beautiful People to go over.

Melanie: It is far, far too soon for a title switch, especially for a set of belts as new as this. Of course, in TNA world that means it’s the perfect time to switch the titles~! The first title reign of any championship should have longevity and be allowed to set a precedent, if you have Saritaylor drop it here, it’ll just make the belts look weak. For that reason, I predict Saritaylor to retain tonight.

Steven: Given the current state of The Beautiful People in terms of in-ring work, I doubt TNA will be putting the straps on them just yet. Two out of their three members don’t really have chops to be taken seriously as champions. Furthermore, Saritaylor’s explosive, high flying style has livened up the Knockouts division and made people care again. Knowing TNA, their going to milk those two for all they’re worth. Expect Saritaylor to retain this Sunday.

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