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TNA Genesis Predictions: Knockouts Gauntlet Match


Tonight at Genesis, a five-woman gauntlet match will determine the number one contender for Tara‘s Knockouts Championship, but who will it be? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Bobby: I love that they’re doing something different for the pay per view tonight as opposed to a title match, but I will admit that I wish there were more participants in the gauntlet. No clue why Madison Rayne isn’t involved, but I’m pretty much 95% a believer that Velvet Sky takes the win tonight. She and Tara haven’t really had that big pay per view type feud compared to the other four, and especially just off her return, I can’t see anyone else attaining the victory.

Jack: To me, this has a Velvet win written all over it. I guess her car accident may have been why she’s been off TV for a few weeks as you wouldn’t have someone return just to sit on the sidelines. They could have just booked it horribly I guess. But then again, this has a Mickie win written all over it as well. She does do amazing in gauntlet matches and after the lazy feud she’s just finished/still having with Tara, what a way to re-affirm her status as number one contender. However, because Mickie turns heel in my dreams and feuds with Velvet, I’m going to say Velvet Sky will win this one.

Katelyn: I feel like Gail, Mickie, ODB and Brooke have all had their chance in the spotlight recently (with both Mickie and Brooke riding on some pretty good momentum right now) but I pick Velvet Sky</b to take the win. She's back and she's on a mission to reclaim the title she didn't even get to hold for a full month. A big win on pay-per-view would properly kickstart her return to the company.

Melanie: With a longer wait in between pay per views, logically, whoever wins tonight will start up a feud with Tara heading into March’s Lockdown pay per view. I definitely see Velvet’s comeback trail beginning tonight. Velvet Sky wins.

Who do you think will win? Weigh in by commenting!

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