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TNA Impact Spoilers: February 17th, 2011 (Former TNA Knockout Returns!)

Spoilers for Thursday’s Impact which was taped tonight:

Dark Match:
* TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Madison Rayne comes out and says as the queen she was supposed to have the night off. However, there’s some cute little girl bouncing around trying to get a job. So she’ll try and help her out. Madison Rayne vs. Unknown girl. Winner via Rayne Drop, Madison Rayne. Bad match, the unknown girl was bad and her clothes were coming undone.

* Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez w/Sarita and Rosita. Douglas Williams comes out but is immediately attacked by Hernandez from behind and thrown into the ring. Velvet Sky attacks Sarita during the match but can’t handle Sarita and Rosita. Angelina Love runs down and helps her partner. The Knockouts all fight to the back. Winner via Border Toss, Hernandez. He destroyed Williams with it. Williams is legitimately injured as trainers come out to tend to him. Williams eventually walked out under his own power but was obviously hurt.

* * For the TNA X Division Championship, Robbie E w/Cookie vs. Kazarian. Robbie E gets on the mic beforehand. Last Sunday TNA management threw a grenade at him. He was prepared to wrestle two dudes, not one dude. But tonight he’s got Cooks, he’s ready and he’ll be two-time X Division champion. Cookie says Jersey’s in the house, b——. Kazarian comes down and gets on the mic too. He says as an OG of the X Division and card carrying member of Fortune he’s bring the X Division back to the forefront. This company’s foundation was built on the X Division. Not as much foundation on Cookie’s face. If Robbie wants to be a part of that, send that sloppy treasure troll to the back and let’s do this. Cookie leaves and the match is on. Winner via DQ, Kazarian. Cookie ran down and hit Kazarian with her purse when he went for the Omori Driver on Robbie. They beat down on Kaz until Traci Brooks runs down for the save. A cat fight breaks out but Kazarian and Robbie break it up.

* The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Rosita. Winner via a foot on the ropes pin from Sarita to Velvet Sky, Sarita & Rosita. Velvet gets on the mic and says she’s had Sarita beaten every single time. Sarita has only won thanks to outside interference and shenanigans. She wants to end this in the ring right now. Sarita says Velvet is a loser. If Velvet wants to take her on she’ll up the ante. Why not put your career on the line? That way their next match will be Velvet’s last match in TNA. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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