Thursday, September 21, 2023

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TNA Reaction Watch: More Mickie vs Tara; Is Christy Hemme Returning to the Ring?

Following last night’s Impact, there was even more of Mickie James and Tara on Reaction. Check it out below:

Skip to 02:40

Thoughts: Things I’ve learned: Eric Young and Mickie are dating and going on tour together, Mickie hit Tara ‘in the privates’ — or as Eric Young calls it, the ‘vag bone’. Wow.

Elsewhere, last night’s Impact saw Christy Hemme step out from behind the mic for the first time in over a year and get physical as she tried to shut up Cookie. (Is that even humanly possible?) Anyway, we found out on Reaction why Christy involved herself in Cookie’s business and there seems to be a tease that she may be stepping into the ring again.

Skip to 03:20

Thoughts: Honestly, I didn’t watch the initial segment on Impact but I loved Christy’s acting here. I question why they’d use the non-wrestling Knockout when they have Velvet (can you imagine the promos between her and Cookie?) and Taylor sitting on the sidelines, but Christy did a good job.

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