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TNA Turning Point Predictions


TNA returns to pay per view tonight with two huge matches. ODB and Saritaylor will defend their gold in a six-Knockout tag team match against The Beautiful People. Then in what could be the biggest Knockouts match in history, Awesome Kong and Tara will battle in a Six Sides of Steel match. Who will win? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

ODB & Saritaylor vs The Beautiful People

Erin: There’s no way in hell that Lacey’s winning the Knockouts Championship, and that’s the only way I see it going if her team won. Maybe they’d pull some strings and give it to Velvet or Madison, but it’d still be a travesty. All my inclinations are pointing me toward ODB and Saritaylor, and I realllly hope I’m right on this one.

Melanie: No chance in hell The Beautiful People will win this match. If they do, there’s something seriously wrong with TNA and we should all boycott. By no means do ANY of the TBP members deserve the Knockouts Championship and it would just make the so-called prestigious title a complete and utter joke. ODB and Saritaylor have to win this one. There’s no other option otherwise I’m done with TNA.

Steven: As I said on the Roundtable last week, this match is a train wreck waiting to happen. With the limited ring work of The Beautiful People, I doubt TNA will put all the gold around their waists. Expect ODB and Saritaylor to retain at Turning Point. If they don’t, I’ll be staying far away from Spike TV for next few weeks.

Tiffany: I’m going to go out on a limb and call this one out in The Beautiful People‘s favor.  The Knockouts title has been needing a change of scenery, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the team of Madison and Velvet hold tag team gold.  Lacey Von Erich as the Knockouts Champion would grind a few gears, and that’s enough to root for her.  She’d already a shoe-in for being a more credible champion than Cody Deaner.

Kong vs Tara after the cut:turningpoint2

Awesome Kong vs Tara

Erin: This one has been pretty standard in its buildup–Kong coming out week after week and attacking Tara. I think this match will serve as Tara’s response to those attacks–she’ll finally get a chance to have the upper hand. I see Tara coming out with the win, if only to prolong the feud and send it in a less predictable direction. Perhaps an angry, defeated Kong will only triple her efforts to get in the head of Tara. At least, I hope so.

Melanie: While the implications of the first match is ridiculous, this one could be the saving grace for the Knockouts tonight. Arguably the biggest Knockouts match in pay per view history and possibly a Match of the Year contender. I honestly think this could go either way but I’m going to with my gut instinct and say Tara. It just seems like this will be the first and only encounter between them and you have to have the babyface overcome the odds. I mean after the cage match, where do you go next? For that reason, I predict this will be a blow-off/pay-off match. If they planned to have several matches this should have been a singles match with a cage match at the December PPV.

Steven: Finally we get some payoff from this feud. And in a steel cage no less. Kong seems to be on quite the tear since ditching Raisha, so I definitely see Kong pick up the win tonight. However, expect a hard-hitting, balls to the wall matchup, as Tara won’t be going down without a fight.

Tiffany: While it can really go either way, I think all signs point to Kong as the victor of the cage match at Turning Point.  This appears be a whole new, fiercer Kong sans her former orderly, Raisha Saaed.  Tara may stand a chance, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kong come out on top.

Kong vs Tara after the cut:

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