Thursday, May 19, 2022

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TNA Victory Road 2011: Sarita and Rosita Win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Sarita and cousin Rosita emerged as the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions tonight at TNA’s Victory Road pay per view.

The finish came following a clunky series of events. First Sarita brought one of the belts into the ring to clock Winter only to be attacked by Angelina. That led to a catfight between the two on the outside.

Inside the ring, Rosita attempted to swing the belt, it seems, in Winter’s direction only to be thwarted by Velvet Sky who ran down to the ring.

Winter rolled up Rosita but with the referee still on the outside, Sarita came back in and rolled the pair over with Rosita on top. The referee made the count and we have new champions.

Thoughts: The closing moments of this match seemed to drag with too much being packed in. Ultimately, the title switch felt anticlimactic. Nonetheless congratulations to the new champions!

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