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Top 3 Championship wins for Mickie James in WWE

Mickie James has a huge match on tonight’s RAW. Since returning to WWE in 2016 she has had very few chances to capture her seventh title with the company and she is hungry for gold. A sentiment that she has expressed since returning from injury a number of weeks ago.

Tonight she will be facing Asuka for the RAW Women’s Title.

With Clash of Champions just under two weeks away, could we maybe have James as the champion heading into that event? We will have to wait until tonight’s RAW to find that out.

In the meantime, let’s remember three of James’ outstanding title wins with WWE.

Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool 01.31.10 –

Royal Rumble

In a match that only lasted 20-seconds, Mickie won her final title that she has held with WWE. Enough was enough for Mickie as she defeats Michelle McCool to end her 217-day reign. This was at the height of the infamous Piggy James storyline. She picked up the win with her famous DDT.

It may have been a short match and she would lose the belt back to McCool less than a month later, however, it was the reaction from fans that made it special.

Keep in mind that this was 10-years ago. So if Mickie does end up defeating Asuka for the RAW Women’s Title, this will be her first title win with the company in that time frame!

Mickie James vs. Lita 11.26.06 –

Survivor Series

As far as rivalries are concerned, Mickie’s most famous feud is perhaps with Hall of Famer and seven-time Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus. However, she also had run-ins with another Hall of Famer and that is – Lita.

In Lita’s last match before retirement, Mickie was her opponent and had that honor at Survivor Series in 2006. Lita had the idea of retiring with the title and being known as the best women’s champion of all time. This would not occur as Mickie would capture her second-ever championship with the company.

In a lengthy match for that time period of just over eight minutes, after a series of roll-ups between the two, Mickie hits the DDT to pick up the win.

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus 04.02.06

WrestleMania 22

The WrestleMania 22 match between Mickie and Trish Stratus is perhaps one of the best women’s matches to grace the stage of WrestleMania. Of course, everyone has their own opinions but asking most fans, this match is up at the top.

The storytelling and the chemistry between both Mickie and Trish during this time gives many a smile on their face. From the gimmick of Mickie being Trish’s biggest to an obsessed love interest, these two had everyone hyped for this big match. This would also become Mickie’s biggest win at that point in her WWE career and her first-ever Women’s Title with the company.

This rivalry is the exact reason why there was such a strong cheer when Mickie and Trish came face-to-face so many years later at the first women’s Royal Rumble match.

What are some of your favorite Mickie James matches? Do you think she will walk out of RAW tonight as a seven-time Women’s Champion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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