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Top Moments of NXT UK: Number Two – The Flight of the Valkyrie

In its 200+ episodes, NXT UK introduced us to an array of female talent, many of whom we could argue were ready for main roster runs. In a division as stacked as WWE tends to have, it’s inevitable that not every person will get their moment in the sun and win the top prize.

NXT UK was home to many women who would have made incredible NXT UK Women’s champions and today’s Top Moment includes two of these women.


The Fashionista, Jinny, had been a mainstay of NXT UK since it’s inception and crossed paths with nearly every member of the roster over the years. If there was one thing Jinny could not stand, it was new girls coming in and staking their claim on the division. It was this jealousy and abrasive attitude that encouraged Jinny to align herself with Joseph Connors and welcome his continuous interference in her matches. The Fashionista by no means needed the help but she wasn’t about to turn down an advantage, no matter how unfair, which brought her to her new target.


Since her debut, Aoife Valkyrie had lost only one match in her NXT UK career and it was to Meiko Satomura, the NXT UK Women’s Champion. Then she met Jinny. With Joseph Connors proving the deciding factor in their match, Valkyrie lost for the second time in her career to the Fashionista and she demanded vengeance. It was Valkyrie who declared war and issued a No DQ Match challenge to Jinny with the added stipulation of locking Connors in a cage, ensuring a fair fight.

Both women are incredible in-ring performers but the two shine in their presentation and promo skills. Jinny, for me personally, is untouchable on the mic and it’s criminal that she hasn’t reappeared on television as of this writing.

The match between the two was set, August 26 2021 and the stage was set.


Unsurprisingly, Jinny would jump Valkyrie during her entrance and start the match with an advantage. The beginnings of the match happened mostly outside of the ring with Valkyrie retaliating in kind to Jinny’s abuse.

Taking full advantage of the empty arena (minimal audience members were in attendance) Valkyrie and Jinny do battle over the barricade and into the backstage area. In a wince-inducing move, Valkyrie launches Jinny into the tech area and decimates her with shots to the back with a laptop! Jinny’s cries of pain are near uncomfortable to listen to but Valkyrie adds insult to injury by dumping a bin over the Fashionista.


The match has been almost entirely Valkyrie’s show at this stage but as she goes to set up a table, much to Connors dismay, she inadvertently allows Jinny to recover who launches her opponent into the barricade.

The battle finds its way in to the ring and at one point Valkyrie teeters precariously on the apron as Jinny tried in vain to send through the table. Ultimately, it would be Valkyrie who crashes through after hitting her signature diving leg drop onto a possum playing Jinny who dodges out of the way at the last second.

A wounded Valkyrie is rolled into the ring and Jinny hits The Couture Kick but somehow Valkyrie perseveres through multiple pinfall attempts. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Jinny hones in on the injured leg but Valkyrie escapes the chair with a vicious shoulder kick and then an enzuiguri as the two women do battle into the corner.

Jinny attempts to hit a superplex on Valkyrie but the latter manages to break free and flips over her opponent in a powerbomb but the landing proves critical as the leg finally surrenders.

The referee checks on the competitors and it is clear that Valkyrie is hurting but on one leg she ducks a chair shot and even uses the wounded leg to strike Jinny down. In a feat of superhuman resilience, Valkyrie manages to overcome Jinny and drop her down on the back of the steel chair and secure the win in a vicious onslaught of a match.


The big story coming out of this match ended up being the injury sustained to Aoife Valkyrie which, as of now, left her on the shelf and this match ended up being her final match for the brand.

There were many moments and matches so bringing this list down to five has been incredibly difficult and the inclusion of this match may prove controversial but it stands out to me for several reasons. It was one of the strong matches, stipulation or otherwise, to be featured on NXT UK during the period of back from lockdown but before fans were allowed to return. The near empty arena added to the match as the women fully took advantage of the space and the cries of pain that echoed throughout was incredibly unsettling but added to the big fight feel. It’s hard to believe that this opened the show.

Secondly. Aoife Valkyrie and Jinny are two women who deserved title reigns. Jinny consistently delivered stellar matches with several women on the roster and with the exception of Rhea, had feuded with every holder of the title. Valkyrie carried an air of mystique with her, an ever-present and constant threat to the division. It’s very telling that Valkyrie only sustained two televised losses in her time on the brand and these were to Jinny and Meiko Satomura.

I truly believed at one point, especially following this match and feud, that Jinny would be the one to dethrone Satomura. With the contract status of several NXT UK stars still being in question, I cannot comment for fact on where we might see Jinny or Valkyrie again but I hope they return to our screens soon!

Top 5 Moments of NXT UK:

Number Five – A Champion is Crowned

Number Four – The Final Takeover

Number Three – The Final Boss Arrives

Number Two – The Flight of the Valkyrie

Number One – Coming 2nd September!

What has been your favorite moment so far on this list? What do you think will be our number one? Check back in with Diva Dirt tomorrow to find out!

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