Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Torrie’s One Night Stand

Fitting that tonight’s pay per view goes by the name of One Night Stand, because I guess that’s how you could describe former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson‘s return to the WWE – just one month after she was released. Torrie is scheduled to appear at a house show on June 14th at the Taco Bell Arena in her hometown of Boise, Idaho.

Now, these schedules are put together months in advance which is why they are always “subject to change.” This simply could have been put together while Torrie was on SmackDown!, to have her do a show for RAW.

But if it’s a more recent occurence, hopefully that will put the naysayers to rest. I, myself, confirmed last month that Torrie asked for her release and wasn’t cut by WWE. I wonder if perhaps WWE and Torrie came to terms to have her a do a little swan song in her hometown? Sure it isn’t on a grander scale like Trish had on pay per view, but it’s a nice, classy move if you ask me. Torrie will definitely draw a crowd in her hometown!

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