Monday, July 22, 2024

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Torrie’s Own Terms

Lifting the cloud left by the sad and shocking news that Torrie Wilson was released yesterday, I can confirm that Torrie in fact asked for her release. Torrie got to bow out on her own terms and that’s something that I felt really strongly about. I can now accept the fact that Torrie is no longer with WWE… because she left of her own accord.

There’s loads of theories going around on the ‘net, many of which are in my inbox (lovely thing to come home to after a day of work) and they are well and truly false. Hopefully Torrie will have more to say soon (well I can guarantee it actually), until then please let’s not tarnish Torrie’s release any further. I’m guilty of WWE-bashing myself today, but they are not to blame. Let’s be happy for Torrie and respect her wishes!

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