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Total Divas Redux: “Girl vs. Girl Bye”

Well it’s Friday, and honestly, I should probably just wait and post this on Sunday. That way you guys could just have a recap of last week’s episode to better prepare yourself for this week! But alas, I’ve procrastinated enough in terms of writing this. Granted, it isn’t my fault that I work almost 60 hours a week (actually, it is because I’m a workaholic but whatevs) and come home super tired. So anyway, enough of this babble because you guys don’t care anyway.

This past Sunday, Total Divas centered around Natalya, Brie and Nikki Bella and a girls trip featuring Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Cameron.

At this point, it’s basically a given that Brie and Nikki are going to fight with one another. This week the source of controversy was due to the fact Brie and Daniel Bryan don’t use condoms during sex, or birth control. The only thing that keeps them from getting pregnant is Daniel’s ability to pull out. Upon being told this, Nikki had a hypocritical meltdown and decided to try and dictate her sister’s life (the same thing she got pissed off at Brie for several episodes ago).

To be fair to Nikki, the twins are branded together; so she did have a right to be concerned about whether or not Brie getting pregnant would affect her career. She just had to go about expressing that concern in the most awkward way possible. The good news for Nikki is that her company is invested in her and believes that her brand is strong enough to stand on her own should Brie end up knocked up.

At least they had a happy ending this week.

Nattie is still searching her own happy ending within her relationship with estranged husband Tyson Kidd. At the moment, they are paired together on camera, making for super awkward backstage tension.

To top things off, Nattie’s life just continues to get worse. Luckily, Naomi decided to try and save the day. She offered to let Nattie stay with her and Jimmy Uso, while Nattie’s house was being fumigated. And she even offered to pick up Nattie and the cats!

Staying with Trinity obviously didn’t go that well but the majority of it was because of Nattie’s constant pity party for herself. Luckily, Trinity was able to keep it real and convince Nattie that she would overcome the adversity.

And speaking of adversity, the girls weekend in Los Angeles was full of it. Paige was unable to attend due to the fact she had to fly to Malaysia for a tour so in her place, Rosa invited Ariane, hoping to fix the drama between Ariane and Fox.

Well, Ariane was willing but Fox wasn’t, so eventually things boiled down to a lot of sarcastic quips and bitchy comments. Ariane got to the point where she was frustrated and decided to remove herself from the situation. Rosa was pretty crushed by the turn of events, but to her credit, she was able to convince Ari to just talk to Fox.

Ariane and Alicia sat down and finally had a conversation about the source of drama between them. What it boiled down too was that Fox actually felt like Ariane had been brought up to be her replacement, and she wasn’t okay with that. Ariane was surprised by that revelation and assured Alicia that she never thought that at all. It was a good talk and hopefully the start of a new friendship.

That’s about it, guys. Luckily, Sunday is right around the corner and you don’t have to wait to long between this recap and the next episode!

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