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Total Divas Redux: “Insecurity Breach”

Happy Thursday, everyone! Who’s ready for a recap of last Sunday’s Total Divas? There wasn’t too much drama this go around, but they still managed to squeeze out a pretty good episode thanks to home invasions, lesbian kisses, and body image issues. The body image issues hit close to home for a lot of us, so I suppose I’ll start with that first. It sounds incredibly cold and callous to say that it’s refreshing to see someone like Eva Marie struggle with her looks but I don’t know of any other way to put it. The girls we watch on televisions week in and week are glamorized so much that we are led to believe that they’re all confident in the way they look and come across. We see them as they are on televisions, taking their characters to heart, and more often than not forgetting that there’s more to each of them than what we see on a weekly basis.

There’s no doubt that Eva Marie is insanely attractive. Her body is ridiculous and her face is equally beautiful. Despite all of that, we learned that she doesn’t see herself that way proving that just like the rest of us; a completely normal human being with insecurities. When Eva found out she was going to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness again, she decided to take extreme measures in order to get ready for her shoot. Because of her surgery, she wasn’t able to work out the way she was used too so that led her to feeling very down about herself. Eva Marie’s decision to get in quick shape led to her pushing to hard in work outs and skipping meals. On a shopping trip with Cameron, Eva got dizzy thanks to the lack of nutrition in her body and that prompted Cameron to schedule a meeting with Jonathan.

They brought Eva to an artist that sketches people without seeing them, based on the descriptions they give. Then, the same artist sketches another photo based on the description a stranger gives to them. The results were pretty eye opening for Eva. She definitely didn’t have a high opinion of herself, whereas the stranger basically saw her for how she truly looks. Taking the confidence she gained from the surprise trip, Eva nailed her magazine shoot. Her pictures turned out amazing.

Whereas that particular bit had a happy ending for Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes almost didn’t have a happy ending this episode. We all know how much Rosa, Paige and Alicia Fox love one another and that love was on full display this past Sunday. Apparently Rosa decided somewhere down the line that she had feelings for Paige, that extend beyond friendship, and she was more than sure Paige felt the same way. After a Three Amigas dinner, Paige waited with Rosa for her cab. Things got a little weird, and it resulted in Rosa kissing Paige.

Well, Rosa obviously didn’t get the result she was hoping for and was embarrassed, rightfully so. She decided to pull away from Paige. Paige didn’t take to kindly to being ignored, and the two of them ended up in a small fight.

Eventually, Foxy pointed out that Paige could have been leading on Rosa, unintentionally, thanks to her overly flirtatious personality. After giving it some thought, Paige agreed that she could have sent Rosa mixed signals and both girls made up.

I love the friendship between the Three Amigas, personally. It’s so cute. The episode also dealt with the aftermath of the burglary that took place at Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella‘s home in Phoenix.

Clearly, Brie didn’t feel safe in her home and decided to go all out in order to protect her family.

She mentioned getting a gun and decided to put up an outrageous “bobbed” wire fence. Daniel didn’t exactly approve of her crazy and was a delightful smartass about the entire situation. Finally, they came to a compromise and decided to start a neighborhood watch.

To be honest, I do think Brie went a little overboard, but at the same time you really can’t be too careful. I have no idea how I would react if something like that ever happened to me. It’s a violation of privacy to the fullest extent. When it comes to owning a gun, I’m so back and forth. I don’t think I would feel comfortable having one in my possession. But it also doesn’t bother if other people own one. I get it. I like their idea of the neighborhood watch and hopefully everything works out for them.

All in all, it was a great episode. The show is hitting the mark this season and definitely putting the fun back in watching it. Looking forward to a week from Sunday! So… I will see you guys then. Or you know, days from then!

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