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Total Divas Redux: “The Divas Are Taking Over”

The mid-season finale of Total Divas saw a lot of drama and most of it was pretty ugly. After the episode concluded last Sunday night (shocker… a delayed Redux), Nikki Bella took to Twitter to accuse her family of trying to steal her happiness. Things went from bad to worse with TJ and Nattie, all the while Eva Marie and Jonathan secured their union with the wedding Eva’s family always wanted for her.

I don’t think I’m in the minority when I say that I completely despise all things “Nena.” From the way Nikki and John Cena are edited, we see nothing but her sacrificing everything she’s ever wanted for a man, who tries to make up for the fact he won’t marry her buy buying her expensive presents. It makes Nikki look superficial and John Cena look like an asshole, and lets be honest. Neither of them are truly like that. Last week’s finale saw Mama Bella, Brother Bella, and Brie sit down with John at breakfast and explain to him how they saw things. Brie and JJ were very adamant that they believed Nikki was settling for John because she’s blinded by love, and he was very respectful of their opinions. Kathy defended both sides of the argument, but made the most logical argument by reminding everyone that at the end of the day, Nikki is the only one who gets to make the decision about how her life goes.

Emotions always run high when it comes to weddings and being around happy couples, and of course Nikki found herself longing for that perfect world scenario. But there’s also an ugly side to marriage (see Nattie and TJ) that makes everyone question if it’s worth it. Personally, I flip sides constantly when it comes to marriage. I value my independence more than anything, but I also long for companionship and someone I can share the rest of my life with. To be honest, ignoring the storylines they stick with for Total Divas, I think Nikki and John have a healthy balance. I don’t think she is settling at this point in her life because she’s still young enough to find someone who will give her the marriage and babies if that’s what she decides to do. Not to mention, there’s still a chance that something will click inside John’s brain one day and he will decide he wants to marry her.

Brie and JJ were coming at John from a place of love and wanting what’s best for Nikki, but honestly, they were probably better just staying out of it. If Nikki wants to be with him, just let it be. If it doesn’t work out and she ends up regretting it, then so be it. Nikki probably won’t take too kindly to what they did, even if they did it out of love, and judging from the previews for the second half of the season things are going to go downhill. It’s not going to be pretty.

Marriage isn’t for everyone, and Nattie and TJ continued to face the reality that it might not be for them. Things between them hit an all-time low thanks to a drunken fight that Mrs. Brie Mode, in my opinion, ignited between the two. Nattie seems ready to move on with her life and perhaps TJ is too.

It seems like a shame that a relationship that has lasted so long is about to end, but it could be for the best. In my opinion, I don’t think either of them are going to throw away a relationship that has lasted for half of their lives, so I expect to see them work things out in the end.

Time will tell.

Eva’s wedding ended up being absolutely beautiful. I find myself torn between liking the red hair and the brunette hair. She honestly looks beautiful with both shades. She’s pretty flawless anyway, to be fair, and most women would not have been able to make that white wedding gown look classy.

Eva pulled it off, but honestly, that black dress was everything. I love the fact she found a compromise between what her family wanted and what she and Jonathan wanted, and the wedding was amazing. The location was jaw dropping and it kind of hurts to think that region of California was rocked with an earthquake not to long after that was filmed.

We all know that even more divas are joining the cast come January and it should be interesting to see what they bring to the table. The addition of Summer Rae really did nothing, which isn’t really her fault. She missed most of filming thanks to shooting a movie and all she’s really done is fight with Nattie while she has been on. Rosa Mendes was fun to watch this season, and actually surprised me. And that’s always a good thing. Paige will be a fresh personality to watch thanks to her age and the fact she’s unlike anyone else currently on the show. I also feel a little biased since I’ve been watching her since her Pro Wrestling Eve and SHIMMER days.

And then there’s Alicia Fox.

Who wasn’t shocked when she wasn’t announced as part of the original cast? Almost everyone thought she would be perfect for the show. Luckily, E! has seen the light and we’ll be getting extra doses of Foxy come January. It just makes me wonder how they’re going to find the time to fit everyone in. We barely saw Naomi and Summer this go around, and now there’s going to be even more people competing for screentime. How they end up balancing it is anyone’s guess, but I will say that this finale probably reignited my interest in the show.

See you guys in January… and more consistently :P

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