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Traci Brooks Named Head Knockout

The original Knockout is now the head Knockout. In a kayfabe article on, Traci Brooks was officially named as the head official of the Knockouts division in the company. Now I don’t know if this simply means she’s going to referee all the Knockouts matches or if this means that she is referee-cum-General Manager of the Knockouts. Personally, I’d love to see Traci really lay down the law by becoming the new on-screen GM/referee i.e. make the matches and such. I think all us Diva/Knockout fans have at least once dreamed of a GM for the Divas/Knockouts. Or is that just me? Read the full article below:

She is TNA’s original (and perhaps, most popular) Knockout. She is a superior athlete, an experienced businesswoman, and one of the hottest women in all of television.

Now, she is the law.

After weeks of speculation, it’s official: Traci Brooks has been named the head official in TNA Wrestlings “Knockouts” division… and not everyone is happy about the news.

“Are you kidding me?” shrieked fellow TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. “How can TNA put that plastic bimbo in charge of us? Everyone knows that she’s all jealous of Angelina and I because we are way hotter than she could ever be.”

“Don’t even sweat that, Velvet,” replied Angelina Love. “Let Busty Brooks do whatever she wants. If she gets in the way of “The Beautiful People,” we’ll paper-bag her ass back to the stripper’s pole where she belongs.”

On the flip side, some of TNA’s finest wholeheartedly support Traci’s latest career move.

“Well, Traci and I haven’t always been on the same page,” admitted Gail Kim. “But I’ve known that girl for a long time, and I know that she respects our division as much as I do. She definitely cares about giving female athletes a real chance to succeed in TNA, and I am confident that she has what it takes to keep things nice and fair around here.”

Still, is putting all of that power in the hands of a competitive pioneer of the Knockouts division a smart idea?

“Look, I see nothing wrong with allowing our superstars to cross over to other areas of our company if they are qualified to do so,” explained TNA Management Director Jim Cornette. “I’ve had similar opportunities throughout my career, and I won’t hold anyone back from proving themselves in new ways. Heck, Matt Morgan was always going to be a force in a TNA ring, but he wanted to establish himself here by using his mind. He had the skills and experience that I needed in an assistant, so I had no problem with that. Eventually, he got restless and wanted to get his hands dirty, so I pushed him out of the office and into the ring. If Traci ends up feeling the same way, then we can end this little experiment at any time. Until then, I remain thoroughly convinced that she has the ability and know-how to bring some much-need order to the Knockouts division.”

“Plus,” Cornette chuckled, “she’s a hell of a lot nicer to look at than Earl Hebner.”

Thus far, Traci has proven capable of handling her new job with authority, class… even a little fun. Will the world’s sexiest stripe-wearer continue to be a model of officiating excellence in TNA, or will she get swallowed up by the often-catty world of the Knockouts Division?

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