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Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 3

Happy Halloween! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of dreaming up Halloween costumes for our favorite Divas and Knockouts. This year, we’ll be mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day. But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past 3 years of this feature:

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2010: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

See part 1 of this year’s feature by clicking here and part 2 by clicking here.

All caught up? Let’s get started!

Costume: Morticia Addams from the The Addams Family series.
Why?: With Aksana‘s main roster, post-NXT debut came a new look: the bright blonde hair dyed raven black. The hair alone has given her a more mysterious nature, and a way to add to that mystique would be to dress as Morticia Addams, the pale-skinned, black haired and black clothed matriarch of the Addams family. Aksana could easily pull off the half strange, half alluring demeanor of Morticia. Perhaps she could even speak in Lithuanian to entice Teddy Long like Morticia does for Gomez in French. The tricky part would be getting smoke to emanate from below her–somehow we don’t think that’s in the WWE’s budget.
Get the look: Don a long black wig and a bewitching dress, along with a mysterious allure and a passing ability to speak French.

Alicia Fox
Costume: Rihanna.
Why?: When some saw Alicia Fox debut her fire engine red hair, they instantly thought of Rihanna, the woman who popularized the look. So, it wouldn’t take much work for Alicia to channel Rihanna for a costume: she would style her hair in a more edgy, Rihanna-esque manner and dress in a similarly edgy fashion. She wouldn’t necessarily have to spontaneously break out into song a la Jillian, but a few words spoken in a Barbadian accent wouldn’t hurt.
Get the look: Follow this guide to gathering some Rihanna-worthy fashion and buy a red wig that you can transform into your preferred Rihanna style.

Eve Torres
Costume: Princess Leia from the Star Wars series in her slave costume.
Why?: Yes, it’s one of the most cliché “hot geek” costumes in existence, but it’s still a classic, and Eve Torres could likely do the look more justice than your average comic convention-goer, with her toned Diva body. Her metal-toned ring gear, banded arms and choker all faintly echo Leia’s iconic look. For television, most Divas feel required to go for a stereotypically “sexy” costume, so at least Eve would be referencing popular fiction rather than just being a sexy this-and-that. And if she really wanted to be inventive, she also could cart around a Jabba the Hut that she’s chained to, preferably in the form of some costumed Superstar.
Get the look: Buy the costume ready-made by clicking here and mimic her hair with a long braid.

Madison Rayne
Costume: Rachel Berry from Glee.
Why?: Madison Rayne isn’t quite a perfectionist over-achiever, but she certainly has the eager-to-please kiss-up act down pat. At Karen Jarrett‘s first real ally in the Knockouts division, Madison has been sure to position herself well in the VP’s good graces, sure that the favor would result in a Knockouts Title win. While that hasn’t exactly panned out just, Madison is still firmly on Karen’s side, this time with Gail Kim alongside them both. Though, no matter how close Gail gets to Karen, Madison will always have been there first, and in that way recalls Glee‘s Rachel Berry in her steadfastness and ability to suck up with the best of them. Madison’s already got the hair, so all she needs is more preppy, straight-laced attire and a perkier disposition.
Get the look: Follow this guide to get a Rachel-worthy look, and watch a few episodes of Glee to pick up the personality quirks.

Costume: Princess Tamina from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
Why?: These two don’t just share a name: both the Diva Tamina and Princess Tamina have heritages that tie heavily into their stories: one has wrestling in her blood, the other has the duty to protect a sacred object in hers. Granted, those stories aren’t very similar, but Tamina clearly holds her history close to heart, as does her Prince of Persia counterpart, adopting her father “Superfly” Snuka’s splash finisher and extending his legacy with every step she takes.
Get the look: Wear this full costume.

Tara & Brooke Tessmacher
Costume: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez.
Why?: Tara has a storied history of wearing quirky costumes, so the thought of her dressing as a teenaged boy isn’t as strange as it should be. She wouldn’t be the only person this year to wear a Justin Bieber costume, so the key to her costume standing out would be her partner in crime and former Knockouts Tag Title co-Champ Brooke Tessmacher. Brooke would, of course, dress as Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez, a fellow teenaged star. With Tara in high-tops and a swooshy haircut alongisde Brooke sporting long dark hair and a sparkly dress worthy of Prom, the two would be unmistakeable. We’d want to re-crown them Tag Team Champs just for this costume alone.
Get the look: Justins, go to the one-stop website for all your Justin Bieber costume needs (yes, it’s actually called Selenas, wear a long dark wig and a trendy outfit, preferably one matching one of her recent red carpet appearances. No matter what you wear, though, merely being on Justin’s arm will clue people in to who you are.

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