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Trish Stratus claims she has “unfinished business” with Sasha Banks

Trish Stratus has been in the news recently in regards to helping out in NXT. Although the Hall of Famer says there hasn’t been the right time for any of that to occur, there is still some unfinished business when it comes to Sasha Banks.

Stratus and Banks came face to face at the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match just three years ago. Banks even was the one to eliminate the seven-time champion from the match.

Since then, Evolution occurred where many fans had hoped these two would have a match. Stratus had returned to the ring at SummerSlam in 2019 to have her first singles match since 2006. This was said to be an official retirement match for Stratus but we all know just how that term isn’t always concrete for the wrestling industry.

Stratus spoke recently with POST Wrestling and had the following to say about wanting to work with Banks down the line.

“I mean, I think Sasha Banks and I might have some unfinished business and I say this with much love and respect. It’s like this moment we had at the Royal Rumble so many years ago; it seems like so many years ago now. It’s just like, people have held onto that moment and I watch it back. It’s undeniable [that] there’s definitely this intangible… this energy between us that — it’s a rare thing sometimes that two superstars get in there and you’re like, ‘Ooouuu, I like this,’ and you know, so I respect her so much as a worker, as a person, as a friend and so yeah, I think as a fan and personally, I think that would be an interesting thing to pursue, possibly at some point. Maybe possibly down the line at some point.”

A match between Banks and Stratus is a dream match and WWE knows it.

Do you think this match would ever get the green light? Leave your thoughts below.

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