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Trish Stratus comments on the idea of working with NXT

Trish Stratus spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk and the idea of her working behind the scenes in NXT was discussed. She has mentioned that she has spoken several times with NXT Head Trainer, Matt Bloom.

Although Stratus has concluded that she is finished with in-ring performing, she has mentioned the idea of writing or producing for the product. She would love to contribute in some way.

“I like the idea of it,” she said. “The reality is the road and I just can’t do the road because of my family. At this point, I just couldn’t go back on the road. I’d love to contribute in some way. It was nice to go back and work with the girls and see how their minds work. Working with Fit [Finlay] again, it got me stimulated. Him and I, we just have that connection when we were working together, we would literally come up with ideas and (finish each other’s thoughts). We could put some good matches together and do co-agenting. I’ve talked to Matt Bloom about possibly going to NXT. We’ve talked on a number of occasions, but the right time has never come about to do that.”

As for ways to see Stratus currently, she will be appearing tomorrow on GAW TV and will be a special guest presenter for the Slammy Awards as well.

You can also catch her in her new movie, Christmas in the Rockies.

Credit to Fightful for the quote from Women’s Wrestling Talk.

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