Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Unwrapped: Rosa Goes Neutral

View Rosa’s photoshoot by clicking here.

Our Unwrapped feature is making its return! Every week, coinciding with’s weekly photoshoot updates, we’ll take a look at the newest Diva photoshoot and give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on it. Let’s unwrap this week’s eye candy, featuring Rosa Mendes..

The Look: Rosa must have an infatuation with the color white, because she’s banished every other hue of the rainbow from her wardrobe for this photoshoot. For a Diva that has been known for her colorful ensembles, this can either be an interesting change or a lackluster one. For me, I’m not too big on single-color outfits, save for black, and a color as stark as white just looks jarring when it’s on three separate pieces. These pieces, by the way, don’t seem to work together either, despite their matching hues. The sleeveless, vest-like crop top paired with matching shorts looks more like an outfit more suitable for the tennis court than a photoshoot, and the white heels make it feel even more mismatched. While white certainly looks good on Rosa, especially with her pretty shade of blonde hair, I can’t help but think she went a little overboard with it here, deciding to put together an outfit based on color rather than the actual suitableness of the pieces.

The Poses: The poses are rather standard: hands up, hands on hips, hands playing with her hair. It fits the simplicity of the color scheme that she’s so mellow in this shoot, opting to look sweet and friendly instead of seductive and serious–seducing the camera in this outfit might seem a little out of place. I have to admit, though, that it all comes across as a bit dull, what with the neutral background, neutral-colored clothing, and ever-present smirk. There’s just no spice to be seen anywhere in this photoshoot.

Originality: Like I said, there’s no spice–nothing to really set this shoot apart. The studio setting is simple, the poses are simple, and her clothing is so simple that it’s all in one color. She practically blends into the background, with her one saving grace being the personality she lets shine through in a few photos–the ones used in this post’s header graphic, to be specific. Compared with the more captivating photoshoots Rosa has had, this one just doesn’t stand out.

Overall: This photoshoot desperately needed a little spark, and there was little to be seen. I know Rosa’s capable of pulling off more interesting photoshoots–her past shoots are evidence of that. Here, there was just nothing to write home about. Rating: 2/5

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