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Unwrapped: Spring Has Sprung Early, Courtesy of Alicia

View Alicia’s photoshoot by clicking here.

Our Unwrapped feature is making its return! Every week, coinciding with WWE.com’s weekly photoshoot updates, we’ll take a look at the newest Diva photoshoot and give you the opportunity to voice your opinions on it. Let’s unwrap this week’s eye candy..

Alicia Fox‘s photoshoots have long been Diva Dirt favorites, so imagine our glee when we see a new one pop up today! Does it meet our expectations?

The Look: Despite the fact that her dress is tight and tiny, Alicia looks more cute to me than sexy, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Some Divas’ idea of cute is dressing like a pre-pubescent girl (pigtails, tiny skirts), so Alicia gets major points for pulling off a fun, yet age-appropriate look. The dress, in a bright floral pattern, looks gorgeous, and paired with her slightly tousled wavy hair (which signals that this is an older shoot, given the absence of its current red shade), gives her an easygoing, natural look. I love it.

The Poses: Alicia poses with the ever-present equipment trunk, this time in a lively shade of purple. It makes me wonder if they decided, since they make such frequent appearances in Diva photoshoots, the trunks should be painted “pretty” (expect painted-on animal print next!). I’m not complaining, though, because the color fits in well with the bright hues on her dress and keeps up the colorful spring theme. Her poses include a lot of the usual lounging and smiling, but a few, namely the ones where she’s looking off-camera, stand out. Alicia exudes such a natural easy-going personality in her photos that shots like those, which may look like silly attempts at glamour shots with other Divas, come off as spontaneous and interesting. Heck, she’s so good at it that even the most plain poses jump off the screen, and this shoot is no expection.

Originality: The pose-on-a-trunk studio photoshoots are nothing new–practically every Diva’s done at least one. Alicia’s charm helps give the concept a much-needed spark, and the colorful shade of the trunk is certainly new, so it’s not a case of “same old, same old”. Still, I wouldn’t mourn the loss if the Divas found a new inanimate object to share their photoshoots with.

Overall: Alicia’s style and (non-kayfabe) personality are shining through in this shoot–it’s fun, easygoing, and pretty. It’s not groundbreaking or captivating, but not every photoshoot needs to be. Sometimes the simpler shoots are the best, depending on the ability of the Diva to make it interesting, and this shoot illustrates that point–it’s all thanks to Alicia that this photoshoot has life. Rating: 4/5

What did you think of the photoshoot? Give us your rating in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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