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Upcoming Impact Wrestling & TNA ONO Spoilers

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling as well as a future unnamed One Night Only PPV event.


Impact Wrestling:

* There is a championship celebration with balloons, champagne and a banner that says “Congrats new champ!”. A replay shown where Allie accidentally hit Sienna with Marti Bell‘s baton and Allie made the pin on Marti. Allie comes out as a babyface to the crowd. She thanks everyone who chanted her name. Sienna comes out and goes after Allie but Maria stops her and blames this on Gail Kim. Maria gives Sienna the night off and turns to Allie. She says Allie is confused about the idea of the celebration, claiming the celebration isn’t for her and that Allie messed up everything, including the color of the balloons. Maria says the celebration is for Allie’s opponent then forces Allie to lay down, saying if she loves her job and Maria she’ll do it. Maria pins Allie to become the new Knockouts champion. She makes Allie stand up, put the belt around her waist and declare her the new champ. Streamers fly for Maria as she says “let the celebration begin”.

* Mike Bennett comes out and blames Moose for not winning the TNA World Heavyweight title. Dixie Carter interrupts, saying the fans came to watch Impact not “How The Miracle Turns”. Bennet thinks Dixie is adding him to the World Title match at Bound for Glory but instead, she tells him he will face Moose. Moose goes after Bennet but he runs away with Maria.

* Jade and Gail defeated Allie and Sienna. Allie pouts at ringside when Sienna tells her to stay there because she’s not a wrestler. Fans begin chanting that they want Allie. Allie tags herself in, gets on the top rope, screams “I can do it!” but accidentally hits Sienna. Sienna charges over her and Jade pins her for the win.

TNA One Night Only:

* Tyrus defeated Crazzy Steve after Rosemary tries drawing Tyrus in with a kiss to distract. Steve charges for Tyrus but he accidently runs into Rosemary and takes her out.

* Marti Bell defeated Madison Rayne.


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