Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Upcoming Impact Wrestling & TNA Xplosion Spoilers

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling and TNA Xplosion.


TNA Xplosion

* Laurel Van Ness defeats Deonna Purrazzo via Curb Stomp.

Impact Wrestling

* Rosemary retains the Knockouts title against Jade in a Monster’s Ball match. All kinds of weapons are out: tables, kendo sticks, garbage cans, chairs, a barbed wire table, thousands of tacks and more! Jade uses the belt at one point and German suplexed Rosemary onto thumb tacks. Jade uses an STO onto barb wire table then puts it on top of Rosemary and hits a springboard moonsault from the middle rope but that’s still not enough! The finish comes when Jade gets crouched on the top rope and Rosemary hitting a superplex through a regular table set up. Gail comes out after the match to check on Jade but Rosemary sprays mist in her face. Great match!

* Sienna defeats Brooke. Maria Kanellis pushes Brooke off the top rope allowing Sienna to hit her finisher for the win.


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