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Vickie Guerrero on which current WWE Superstars she would like to work with

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Hailed by many fans as one of the most memorable authority figures to ever grace television, Vickie Guerrero has been involved in some of WWE’s most high profiled storylines during her WWE tenure.

In an interview with Memorabilia Guy’s Aaron Evans, Vickie shares her thoughts on the rise of WWE’s Women’s division, coping with Eddie Guerrero’s early death and which current Superstars she would like to work with.

The rise of WWE’s Women’s division: “The females are taking the women’s division so much higher than it was ten years ago. I am so proud of them. A lot of them are so talented; they can do promos, they can wrestle, they are beautiful and they are setting this new elite status for the women’s division. I often get my DVR and fast-forward to the girl’s stuff. I remember seeing some of these girls at the school in Orlando when they first walked in and now they are main-eventing. When I was there, a lot of women fought for equality and to be on the same level as men. They wanted to be respected and looked upon as role models but it wasn’t a very popular view back then. They used to be publicized for the great bodies they had and the long hair. The women wanted to be valued and today they are. Stephanie McMahon had a lot to do with that. She pushed the women’s division and gave them more time on TV.”

Coping with Eddie Guerrero’s death: “When he passed away at 36 – you never expect your spouse to pass away so young and the girls were so young. You never expect your family to be torn apart that way. When God takes that person away from you it’s a hard reality to face. By the strength of God and my faith I was able to keep the girls going and raise them just the way Eddie would have wanted me to. I wanted to keep our values and traditions alive. We always talk about Eddie, not a conversation goes by where we don’t mention him and he was such an important part of our lives. I am human too, some days are good, some are bad and it hurts not having him around anymore. You don’t realize the strength you have until you have to go through it.”

Who she would like to work with the most: “I look at Enzo and Cass, I love them so much, I laugh every time they come out. They have great energy and I’d love to work with them. Also the girls like Alexa Bliss, Charlotte and Bayley. I would love to be part of their storylines as a general manager, I’d take away the belt and give it to someone else. I mean that was my job, I was supposed to piss people off.”

Vickie also discusses some of her favorite storylines, the WWE’s Universe connection to Eddie and the itch for one more run with the WWE.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? What are some of your favorite Vickie Guerrero moments? Would you like to see make a WWE return? Let us know in the comments below!

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