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Victoria Names A Dream Opponent And Talks Her Royal Rumble Appearance

Victoria spoke with DS Shin of Ring the Belle while they were at RuPaul’s DragCon earlier this year. They went over fan responses to a poll in regard to Victoria’s career. Over 6,300 responses were given to various questions that Victoria guessed many right on what people selected.

During that questions, she discusses liking being a heel over babyface, comments on enjoying all of her entrance themes, kissing Candice Michelle, and Vince’s Devils. She also dived into her Royal Rumble appearance from 2021 and she commented on who she would like to face as a dream opponent.

On her Royal Rumble appearance –

“They call me two weeks before. I didn’t answer. I saw the 203 area code and I go this is Connecticut, wait what did I do? Did I post something I’m not supposed to post? I got scared.”

She went on to say that WWE only calls you for things if it is something bad or if they want to transfer you between brands. Victoria mentioned it to Mickie James and SoCal Val that she got the call and they said it was probably in regard to the Royal Rumble. She would end up calling back WWE and was told that the Rumble was in two weeks and they wanted her.

Her response was, “I haven’t worked out in five years, no fake nails, no botox, I didn’t feel Victoria. There were no red extensions, that wasn’t braided, I was scared because I didn’t want to disappoint the fans to say ‘wow she doesn’t look the same. I didn’t have gear. I didn’t have boots. So ByJolene made my gear in two days.”

She would continue to talk about how she felt throughout that day and how nervous she was.

Late into the interview, Shin revealed who the fans thought of as a dream opponent for Victoria. Guessing the answer, Victoria first said Bianca Belair before settling on Charlotte Flair. The answer by the fans was indeed Belair. Bayley came in second by the fans.

When speaking on Bayley, Victoria would eventually say it would be her that would be a dream opponent. She tells a story of Bayley going to her restaurant and Victoria thought it was the first time they met. Bayley states they met twice before when she was 12yo at a signing. She stated that she wanted to be a WWE Diva. And she would do just that.

Victoria says facing Bayley would be a storyline for Bayley to beat the girl that she grew up watching.

The full interview can be watched below and if you have not yet subscribed to Ring the Belle, please do so!

Diva Dirt will be partnering once again with Ring the Bell for the Year End Awards. Nominations start next week!

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