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Video: Brie Bella Talks Stephanie McMahon, Their Match at SummerSlam

As part of his weekly interview series on, Michael Cole welcomed Brie Bella to discuss her tumultuous past few months.

They cover her challenge to Stephanie McMahon on Raw, her motivation for doing so, what will happen after SummerSlam and more.

Challenging Stephanie to a match: “Every time I think about it, I realize that it was the best decision I ever made. I know in my heart that it’s right.”

Why she challenged her: “Can you imagine watching your wife get tortured for the past year, and you’re sitting in the front row, and can’t do anything about it? Can you imagine seeing one of your sibling’s career almost ended because of the beatings that were ordered by the owner? The last year, I’ve had to sit back and watch my family get tortured. I has to sit there and do absolutely nothing because I was scared for my job. Finally, I had enough guts to stand up and quit, because I couldn’t take it anymore. And you know what? Quitting was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that, because I’ve realized that the power I do have is to stand up for my family.”

Thinking like a McMahon: “When Stephanie invited me to Raw, I sat back and thought, ‘How can I be like Stephanie McMahon? How can I beat her at her game? How can I get in her mind?’ And that’s exactly what I did. I blackmailed Stephanie to have a match against me at SummerSlam.”

What happens after SummerSlam?: “Actually, I haven’t even thought about that. But you know what? I don’t mind what happens the night after SummerSlam, because the rest of my life, if I beat Stephanie McMahon, I get to reflect on that. The greatest thing for me is that, if she fires me or tries to end my career or starts torturing me and putting me in Handicap matches, all I’ll keep remembering and smiling about is that Stephanie McMahon will always look back at SummerSlam as a time she was humiliated and embarrassed and beaten by Brie Bella.”

Watch the full interview below:

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