Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Video: Cameron Debuts Lyric Video for Wrong # Campaign

Cameron has offically launched her anti-bullying campaign, Wrong #, with a new song, lyric video and fundraising merchandise.

The lyric video, which features singer Lovely, includes images sent in by fans on social media:

On her official website, Cameron explains the motivation and message behind the campaign:

I want to invite you to join me in bringing awareness to anti-bullying. As I’m sure you are aware that cyber-bullying has become an overwhelming epidemic throughout the internet and social media.

With me being in the public eye and on TV, the negative comments and opinions are never ending. I want to support underdogs like myself, and share my message about what I have gone though and what it takes to win.

I am not superwoman, but I want to do whatever is possible to bring awareness and change. Even if I am only able to touch just one persons heart, that’s enough of a reason for me to do this.

My message is “FOR EVER HATER THERE IS BELIEVER”, if you’re not about positivity, you have the “Wrong Number”. I created this campaign to send a message to our youth about bullying. I want to motivate our youth to stand up for themselves and ignore all the naysayers who use social media to put others down.

She encourages fans to join in by sharing their experiences with bullying on Twitter using hashtags #WrongNumber, #EverBeenBullied and #tag5ppl.

To support the cause, you can purchase Wrong # tees, tank tops and hoodies on, all proceeds going to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

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