Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Video: Charlotte Talks Making Her Raw Debut

On this week’s Raw Fallout, Charlotte and Natalya talked about facing off for the first time since their acclaimed NXT Takeover match.

Charlotte told Eden that she may have lost in her Raw debut, but she’s still “genetically superior” and a Hart will never be better than a Flair.

She voiced her confidnece going into the NXT Women’s Title defense this Thursday at NXT Takeover R Evolution, vowing to defeat Sasha Banks and go home with the gold.

Natalya talked about evening the score, saying that she hopes Charlotte will come back for some more.

Tyson Kidd then added in his two cents, comparing his presence at ringside to that of Bret Hart at Takeover. He says Bret was too much of a distraction then and may have lead to her loss. It’s no fluke, he says, that Natalya happened to win this one with him by her side.

Watch the interviews below:

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