Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Video: Survivor Series Elimination Match Simulated in WWE 2K14

The WWE has again simulated an upcoming Pay-Per-View match in WWE 2K14, this time taking on the seven-on-seven Elimination Tag Team match set to take place at this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

Given the limitations of the game’s Diva roster, the simulation whiddles down the numbers, featuring just Brie Bella and Natalya taking on AJ Lee and Kaitlyn (Chickbuster’s reunion!) in an Elimination Tag Team match.

Brie first eliminates AJ, and Kaitlyn eliminates Brie soon after.

It all comes down to Natalya and Kaitlyn, and the third generation Diva eventually gets the win, pinning Kaitlyn after hitting a sit out bodyslam.

Watch the simulation below:

Do you think team Total Divas will win at Survivor Series?

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