Monday, July 22, 2024

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We’re All Mad Here

With NCAA March Madness kicking off today, the Divas donned jerseys of their favorite teams (but really just the ones with the prettiest colors) and posed for a photoshoot that is calling “March Madness: Round One”, which leads me to believe there’s more to come from the Divas we don’t see here. Some of them mix it up, posing with basketballs and hanging on the hoop (gee, Layla must be tall!). Though, it’s (not) interesting to see how they manage to (not) mix up the requisite long jersey-and-booty shorts combo. Kudos to Beth Phoenix and Natalya for breaking the trend. And for the girls appearing to be not wearing any shorts at all (Alicia, Rosa), you need to fix that. You know that ain’t sanitary – you don’t know where that basketball’s been. Mostly, this photoshoot is interesting to see what Divas went with what school – (*cough*Yay Michelle!!*cough*), and it was a fun challenge for me to try and remember the mascots for each school in order to fill out the poll below. Let’s just say I did pretty well. ;) Oh, and for shit and giggles, feel free to check out my March Madness bracket. It’s sure to fully demonstrate my bias and thus be entirely useless.

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