Sunday, July 14, 2024

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What Would Jim Ross Say?

You know that phrase, “What would the neighbours say?” Well in the wrestling biz, it’s more like “What would Jim Ross say?” It seems good ole JR weighs in on just about anything and everything which is why I waited with baited breath to read what he’d write about the shocking Gail Kim saga that unfolded last week. Well we can finally breathe because his response is here…

I have always thought that Gail Kim was talented and wrote when she left the WWE a couple of years ago that I thought she should have stayed. She has improved her in ring work and her interview skills over the past couple of years and if she does officially return to the WWE I feel she will ease right into the mix with the other Divas. Her exotic look and her overall skill set should lend to her marketability.

No direct allusions to TNA… interesting, if Jim knows one thing – it’s not to piss off the boss. Like Gail, he knows what it’s like to be sent home and brought back by the E.

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