Monday, September 25, 2023

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Will Tori and Luna Bring Some “Attitude” to WrestleMania?

Names from the WWE’s WrestleMania 25 “contact list” are continuing to leak, and the most recent news brings us two names we haven’t heard in quite some time: Tori and Luna Vachon.

Tori is, of course, the former girlfriend of both Kane and X-Pac. She did the whole “obsessed fan” thing way before Mickie or Rosa, and was one of the first Divas to fall victim to the Dudley Boyz’ “get the tables” routine. She didn’t wrestle often late in her career, but her feuds with Ivory and Jacqueline are pretty well remembered.

Speaking of Luna, the sole female member of the Human Oddities, she was pretty much always regarded as the “strange” Diva. She managed the likes of Bam Bam Bigelow and Goldust and memorably feuded with Sable both in and out of storylines. She is, without a doubt, the most un-Diva a Diva has ever been.

Neither woman has heat with the WWE, and Luna’s involvement in recent activities suggest that she’s on pretty good terms with the company. Tori is retired from wrestling, while Luna’s only semi-retired. Regardless, it would be nice to see those two again. Personally, I’d love to see Tori – she was my first “favorite Diva”, so seeing her would be a cool trip down memory lane. What about you, readers? Would you like to see these two Attitude Era staples again?

And, with this news, here’s an updated version of our speculation table:

1. Sunny (Personally confirmed) 1. Debra (Booker T event instead) 1. Jackie Gayda (Claimed contact)
2. Torrie Wilson (Confirmed by Booker T) 2. Molly Holly (“Done with in-ring action.”) 2. Wendi Richter (Reportedly contacted)
3. Lita (Declined via MySpace) 3. Tori (Reportedly contacted)
4. Terri Runnels (Personally declined) 4. Luna Vachon (Reportedly contacted)
5. Mae Young (Not even contacted)

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