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Winners & Losers: AEW Dark & Dynamite 11/06/19

Welcome to our new weekly section where we look at the AEW women’s division to see who won and who lost. It has taken us a while to get this point because we weren’t sure how to report AEW, as the booking of their women’s division has been lacklustre at best.

Riho defeating Nyla Rose to become the first Women’s Champion has undoubtedly been the highlight so far, with Britt Baker losing her title match being the only other piece of action having any form of consequence.

So we have decided to go with forth with a ‘Winners & Losers’ roundup featuring episodes of AEW Dark and Dynamite that are shown in the same week.

So here we go.

AEW Dark

This week on AEW Dark we saw Mercedes Martinez and Big Swole lose to Allie and Sadie Gibbs in tag-team action and one hell of a promo by Britt Baker.

Let’s get right into the Winners & Losers of the week:

Winner: Sadie Gibbs

Firstly it was great to see Martinez and Big Swole back in an AEW ring but this match was all about Sadie. Gibbs put on a really good showing here, highlighting her power and athleticism to the full extent. She impressed with her power moves and shocked by her amazing acrobatics when she pulled out a Sasuke Special.

Gibbs would go on to win the match for her team with a top rope moonsault onto Big Swole. A great outing for someone who has the potential to do big things in AEW in the future.

Winner: Britt Baker

What a promo. Baker showed off her vicious side turning real-life injuries into a storyline and therefore giving her upcoming match with Priestly a tonne of heat. This is a must-watch and an injection of back-story and meaning that this division desperately needs.

Loser: Allie

Allie seemed lost and hesitant throughout the match and her attempts to hype up the crowd by insisting on doing a war cry after every move just isn’t working. If AEW wants to build her up as happy yet fierce babyface then a lot more character work and less hesitation in the ring is required. Not her best showing.

AEW Dynamite

This week on Dynamite we got a fantastic tag match featuring Riho and Shanna vs Emi Sakura and Jamie Hayter. We got further insight into the mind of Brandi Rhodes in a decent segment.

Winner: Shanna

AEW newcomer, Shanna put on another impressive showing tonight. She was smooth, crisp and hard-hitting, with her exchanges with Emi were especially tight. A diving crossbody from the top rope to the outside received “This is Awesome” chants proving that the AEW faithful are fully behind her. Recently signed to a three-year deal, Shanna is a great addition to the roster and a future star no doubt.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

One thing lacking from AEW as a whole has been meaningful build behind their stars. Brandi took to veils, red lights and mist to deliver an ominous promo warning the women’s division that Awesome Kong is coming.

This is the perfect role for Brandi. She is a great talker and great heel with a massive chip on her shoulder due to the doubters and jibe-throwers that come her way. Brandi using Kong as a way to silence the bullies, while putting the whole division on blast is the way to do it.

Loser: Emi Sakura

A great veteran wrestler with solid technique, but that’s all we know. Oh yeah, she dresses up Freddy Mercury too. Why? I don’t know. Why? Because AEW hasn’t done anything to tell me, which I have a big problem with especially as she has a title shot against Riho at Full Gear this Saturday. More proof that, despite improvements, AEW’s women’s division remains confused and misguided as they continue to give the female roster just one match per week. This needs to change if they are to give us the division they promised.

Final Thoughts:

Let me give Jamie Hayter an honourable mention here. She once again showed that she ain’t nothing to mess with. Her power and nasty attitude are the perfect combination for this future star.

Anyway, that wraps things up for this week. What did you think of the new section? Let us know below and of course, stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your AEW updates.

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