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Winners & Losers: RAW 06.29.20

The start of RAW began explosively! Heading into the night we knew there was going to be a double contract signing segment for Extreme Rules. For the men, it is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre signing his contract to face Dolph Ziggler. For the women, it is Asuka and Sasha Banks. As RAW comes on the air a brawl is already erupting in chaos as Banks with Bayley and Asuka are throwing hands.

The men started off the contract signing and Asuka heard enough as she cut off Ziggler. After Asuka says what she says, she signs the contract. Banks responds that when she becomes a double champion at Extreme Rules, she and Bayley will not just be taking over both locker rooms – they will be taking over the whole damn company. She then pulls out her stamp and applies it to the contract making the match official.

Bayley eggs on Asuka which causes the RAW Women’s Champion to go after the Women’s Tag Team Champions chasing them out of the ring to end the segment. A Champions vs. Challengers match was announced for the main event. Asuka & McIntyre vs. Banks & Ziggler.

Before we got to that main event, we had a match between Peyton Royce and Ruby Riott. Prior to the match, The IIconics were seen in the back picking a fight with Riott by reminding her that she is all alone. Referring to the fact that Liv Morgan gave her a snub last week when Riott was trying to approach her after the recent loss. Riott has been on a string of losing matches also since her return to the ring in March.

Royce would pick up a win after a spinning brainbuster to Riott for the pin. This picks back up The IIconics after a recent loss to Sasha Banks & Bayley for the tag titles. Riott however, continues her losing ways.

Prior to this match we did see Lana backstage with Riott. It sounded as though she may have been trying to recruit Riott to join her and Natalya. Lana went on a long list of Natalya’s accomplishments to persuade Riott, however, she didn’t seem to buy into it.

In the main event, Sasha continues her winning streak by pinning the RAW Women’s Champion. Their upcoming one on one match at Extreme Rules is definitely going to be a Bank Statement vs. Asuka Lock showdown. As depicted by the end of this mixed tag match where a transition happened from the Bank Statment to the Asuka Lock to Banks countering into the pin.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Sasha Banks

Sasha continues to dominate and was the overall biggest winner of the night. This run has been much needed for her, especially after last year and even the year before. I am really enjoying this build and although they keep putting off the Sasha vs. Bayley, I am still invested. Too bad these current events could not be happening in front of a crowd. Looking forward to her vs. Io Shirai also.


I may be in the minority here, but I am glad to finally see Lana being used better again. It isn’t completely back to the Lana that I enjoyed pre-Bobby Lashley, but it is getting there. I am glad there is some sort of progression and I hope they don’t drop this.

LOSER: Ruby Riott

Ruby ending up on the loser list this week is the obvious choice. I am glad that she is being used again, and if they put her with Liv, hopefully, this can turn things around. I would love to see a successful solo run for her, however, it is clear that it isn’t in the works. Hopefully, she will be in the winner’s column shortly in the coming weeks. Going for the tag titles after Banks and Bayley are done at Extreme Rules seems to be a great idea.

What were your thoughts on this week’s RAW? Who were your Winners & Losers? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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