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Winners & Losers: RAW 08/19/19


Prior to RAW beginning this week it was advertised that Sasha Banks would be interviewed on The King’s Court. Her actions from her return last week were in question. Why did she return and destroy both Natalya and Becky Lynch? This interview originally to be done by Jerry “The King” Lawler never got underway. Lawler was attacked by The Fiend with the mandible claw prior to Banks coming out.

As a result of Lawler being out for the rest of the show, Banks was interviewed later in the show by Michael Cole. Prior to this, Becky Lynch did have something to say from earlier in the day. The RAW Women’s Champion explains that she wants the best of the best to come for her. At this moment she agrees it is Sasha Banks.

Lynch wants whoever comes for her title to be at the top of their game and at their peak. Lynch continues to mock The Boss for running away from WWE for the past four months. The Man questions why all of a sudden is Banks red hot when she has done absolutely nothing. She credits herself for this.

According to the champ, it took her to release the real Sasha Banks. She reminds her that she told her that this was a cat and mouse game. Once she does get her she promises that she will give her something to run home and cry about.

Later on, when Banks finally has her interview with Cole, he asks her to explain her actions from last week. She explains that she looked in the mirror last week and she told herself that blue is her color. As opposed to answering Cole about her attack on Natalya and Becky Lynch she focused on her change of hair color instead.

Cole responds to her avoiding the obvious question with a snarky comment that no one cares about her hair. He reiterated that everyone wants to know why she attacked her friend Natalya and a woman she grew up with through this business, Lynch. Banks had just two words to say, “You’re welcome.”

The only women’s match of the night came up next which was a tag match. The match was solid as Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose did their best to try and take out the tag champs. Deville’s quickness in the match was a highlight. This wasn’t enough as Nikki Cross cut her down in the end.

Unfortunately for Fire & Desire, they came up short. Cross hit the cross neck breaker to get the pin. Although RAW could easily have had more than one match with literally anyone else on the roster (or even SmackDown‘s roster), we only get one, again.

The last segment of the night involved Natalya backstage with her arm still in a sling. She states she just came back from WWE’s doctors. Between battling Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Title at SummerSlam and having the one year anniversary of her Dad’s passing, she knew it was going to be an emotional week.

What she didn’t expect was for her now-former friend Sasha Banks to attack her. As she continues to describe how she feels from the attack, Banks attacks her again. She is able to get Nattie’s injured arm into an open drawer from one of the equipment containers. She slams Nattie’s arm in the drawer and states, “Go to hell Nattie and tell your Daddy I said Hi.”

Let’s go over the Winners and Losers of the night.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Cross picked up the win for her team tonight which propels her to the winner’s list this week. She hasn’t been the one on her team to pick up the pins since winning the tag titles so it was nice to see this. Cross is growing well on the main roster.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Banks continued to deliver her savagery this week. She kept her reasonings to herself on why she performed the attacks last week. Her attack on Natalya, although not as severe as last week, still kept last weeks momentum going. The clear picture is going to be Banks vs. Becky Lynch, but still including Natalya in the equation is interesting.

Losers: Fire & Desire

Fire & Desire wind up on the loser list purely because they lost their match this week. With the lack of women on the show again there are only so many options. Since there aren’t many teams to pick from it is possible that they will still receive a title shot in the future.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Who were your Winners & Losers from this week?

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